About us

About us
Since 2008, we have been working to eradicate illiteracy, spread education and eliminate gender inequality among youth, women and children.
We set up 6 educational institutions and 4 youth and voluntary organizations in the remote areas of the village with the aim of eliminating discrimination, illiteracy and mutual violence against women and establishing harmony among themselves and building an enlightened society.
About 100 young people from the MRS Ideal Foundation are directly involved in this initiative.
About 2000 students and parents benefited from this initiative.

Officers working at MRS Ideal Foundation

The district’s largest scholarship “Ideal Trust PEC Merit Scholarship” has been running since 2015 under the auspices of the MRS Ideal Foundation with the aim of educating meritorious, orphaned and poor students.
In addition, separate scholarships are provided for kindergarten students.  In both cases, scholarships are awarded to 400-450 students each year.  In addition, more than 250 women were gathered to raise awareness of women and eliminate inequality.

Mizanur Rahman, CEO, MRS Ideal Foundation discusses gender inequality

In addition, educational programs, religious institutions and areas with young people and youths of different classes and professions are celebrated in the sun of cleanliness, health awareness and social unrest.
Through this voluntary organization, rice, pulses and winter clothes are distributed to the families of widows, poor and orphans with the aim of alleviating poverty.
It is keen to continue this activity in the future by organizing the youth, youth and women of the village and implementing the above programs to spread good education, eliminate inequality and eradicate illiteracy.